Delivery of goods
Shipping Company: Österreichische Post AG

Delivery of tickets or Annual Ticket vouchers

  1. Österreichische Post AG (Annual Ticket vouchers only)
  2. print@home (free of charge, tickets and Annual Ticket vouchers)
    Delivery as pdf via e-mail immediately after purchase. Annual Ticket vouchers have to be printed and submitted upon redemption
  3. mobile tickets (free of charge, tickets only)
    Delivery via e-mail immediately after purchase, available as pdf file or downloadable on smartphones or tablets via link. To gain access, the barcode on the mobile device has to be shown at the admission control. Tickets can be retransmitted to friends using a Keyper Account.

Please note, that the consumer bears the direct cost of returning the goods if he withdraws from the contract.

Shipping costs

In case of delivery by the Österreichische Post AG, postage and packing costs are calculated according to weight, volume and destination of the order. For the following goods an extra fee for special packaging will be charged: replicas, jewellery

Shipping insurance

Goods are covered to the following insurable value:
Home: Letters up to € 75.-; Parcels up to € 510.-
Abroad: Letters up to € 50.-: Parcels up to € 510.-

The order is processed by us within 5 working days. If an item is not available, you will be informed immediately via e-mail. The delivery period in Europe is about 5 – 7 days according to the postal route; delivery overseas takes about 10 – 15 days.  Delays can occur in individual cases.

Shipment rates in €

Letter from 0,00kg from 0,02kg from 0,05kg
Home 3.50 3.50 4.30
EU 4.20 4.90 6.90
World 4.80 5.30 8.40
Parcel from 0,00kg from 1kg from 2kg from 4kg from 10kg from 15kg from 20kg
Home 5.70 5.70 6.80 9.50 13.90 13.90 15.90
EU 14.70 15.70 16.40 20.40 30.40 30.40 40.50
World 17.60 20.90 27.70 44.60 82.30 99.50 119.50
Fee for special packaging
Standard 2.00
Oversized 6.00


Date May 2017. Subject to alteration.