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Edmund de Waal - fault line, I-L, 2016

Artist Edition Size: Porcelain shard
Plinth 2 x 12 x 12 cm
Limited edition, Certificate

Edition for the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna, 2016
50 gilded porcelain shards from one broken vessel, each on a wood and felt plinth
limited edition of 50 pieces with certificate

Description of the artist:
"fault line is my first ever edition using porcelain. I made a very substantial porcelain vessel and glazed it with a soft, dark, black basalt glaze, its texture like stone. And then I broke it into fifty shards. Each of these has been gilded on one of its edges. There is a beautiful tradition in Japan of marking the moment of fracture for a special object with a seam of gold: each one more valuable for its brokenness than before. fault line will be scattered around the world, but in its memory is a single, complete vessel. - EdW"

SAMPLE IMAGE! Each shard has an individual shape!

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