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Your ticket to see the exhibition Beethoven moves

Special exhibition
September 29, 2020 to January 24, 2021

Welcome to the exhibition Beethoven Moves at the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna. Our first priority is ensuring your safety and making your visit as enjoyable as possible. You are therefore required to book a timeslot. Please note that you can only access the special exhibition during this pre-booked timeslot. There is, however, no time limit on how long you can stay in the exhibition. You can, of course, visit all the other collections of the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna before or after your pre-booked timeslot.

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entrance incl. time slot

Beethoven moves

€ 21.00
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Exhibition ticket

Entrance ticket & timeslot

Book your entrance ticket with timeslot for the special exhibition Beethoven Moves. Select the day and time you wish to visit the exhibition.

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Guided Tour

Beethoven moves

€ 27.00
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Ticket with guided tour

Entrance ticket & timeslot, incl. guided tour

Get a comprehensive overview of the exhibition Beethoven Moves. We offer daily guided tours. Your ticket for a guided tour includes your timeslot.

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Special ticket

Ausstellungsmatinée Beethoven bewegt

€ 29.00
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Saturday Morning at the Exhibition

Entrance ticket & timeslot, incl. morning matinée

Enjoy a relaxed Saturday morning and visit the exhibition Beethoven Moves at the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna incl. guided tour and a small breakfast. 
Limited number of tickets and dates!

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Combined ticket incl. Timeslot

beethoven moves

€ 27.00
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Combined ticket

Entrance ticket & timeslot, incl. visit to the Imperial Treasury Vienna

Take a trip though the imperial Habsburg collections and see two of Vienna’s foremost sights – the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna and the Imperial Treasury Vienna – with a single ticket, as well as the exhibition Beethoven Moves.

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entrance ticket

Beethoven moves - time slot reservation

€ 5.00
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Timeslot ticket

Book a timeslot

For holders of Annual Tickets, Friends of the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna, and ICOM members: book your timeslot ticket online. Alternatively, you can get your free timeslot ticket for the special exhibition at the timeslot box office on the 1st floor of the KHM, depending on availability.

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