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Führung Wagenburg


Experience the fascinating world of the Viennese Court famous for its magnificent vehicles on a guided tour. Discover how the Emperor drove to his coronation, how he travelled, with which carriages his children played, how he went hunting, what hissports car looked like and how he was buried.
Entrance fee is included in the tour ticket.

Guided tour in German.

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Price incl. 10% VAT.

Article Nr.: 200000000004091-T178-01
200000000004091-T178-01 Eintritt+Führung, adult Price/Piece € 17,00 17
€ 17,00 17
200000000004092-T178-02 Eintritt+Führung, discounted Price/Piece € 14,00 14
€ 14,00 14
200000000004017-T178-05 Führung Price/Piece € 6,00 6
€ 6,00 6

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€ 17,00
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