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Weltmuseum Wien family day

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Kinder, Eltern, Großeltern, Klein und Groß hören Geschichten rund um Ausstellungsobjekte und sind eingeladen, gemeinsam aktiv zu sein.
Das Angebot ist besonders geeignet für Kinder von 5 bis 12 Jahren und ihre Begleitpersonen.
Preis inkl. 10% USt.

Article Nr.: 200000000006153-T118-01
Familyday AdultPrice/Piece € 4.50 4.5
€ 4.50 4.5
Familyday Adult, JK Price/Piece € 3.50 3.5
€ 3.50 3.5
Familyday ChildPrice/Piece € 4.50 4.5
€ 4.50 4.5
Familyday Child, JK Price/Piece € 3.50 3.5
€ 3.50 3.5

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€ 4.50 incl. VAT.*

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The museum visit is only possible with a 2G proof (certificate of vaccination or recovery).
This applies to visitors aged 12 and over. 3G applies to children aged 6 to 12 (tested, vaccinated, recovered)

Wearing an FFP2 face mask is required for the duration of the visit.
For underaged visitors the following rules are in place: 0-5 years - no mask required / from 6 years on – face mask required / from 14 years on - FFP2 mask required.